Welcome to Pelican Energy Partners

Pelican Energy Partners is a highly specialized private equity fund led by a group of experienced energy service professionals focused on making strategic investments in energy services and manufacturing companies. The principals possess deep industry knowledge and relationships to support the growth and profitability of our portfolio companies, gained through over 120 years of combined experience in executive positions within such companies as Cameron, Complete Production Services, FMC, Halliburton, Oceaneering, Pool Energy Services and Weatherford.

The principals have combined their own capital with that of other energy services and E&P executives to form Pelican Energy Partners, which is managing approximately $563 million of equity capital. Pelican Energy Partners is unique because we provide capital, and relevant, proven management guidance and assistance based on many years of experience in the industry, running companies very similar to those we invest in. We create value by partnering with seasoned management teams to grow outstanding businesses. Our team has a balanced base of experience in all areas of executive management of large and small companies, private equity and investment banking. We are well equipped to provide the maximum benefit to portfolio companies in all stages of growth.

Welcome to Pelican Energy Partners

Who We Are

Pelican Energy Partners is a highly specialized private equity fund led by a group of experienced energy service professionals focused on making strategic investments in energy services and manufacturing companies.

We seek to invest in companies that have the potential to grow substantially. We take a long term view on value creation and work diligently to help solid companies grow into truly outstanding companies.

What We Look For

We seek investment opportunities in companies that fit a general profile:

  • Profitable, established businesses with EBITDA generally between $1 million and $10 million annually. We do have the ability to consummate transactions with EBITDA up to $30+ million
  • Entrepreneurial management teams that demonstrate competitive advantages in a well-defined market segment seeking growth capital
  • Headquartered in the US or Canada
  • Quality reputation as fair and honest providers to customers

These are general guidelines, and one of our unique characteristics is our ability to “think out of the box” and put together unique structures based on specific aspects of each opportunity.

How We Invest

We can be very flexible with the actual structure of our investment. We seek to understand the needs and objectives of the company owners and tailor a transaction to best address the particular situation. We can structure the investment as a partial buyout, a growth equity investment, a recapitalization or any combination thereof.

How We Work

Pelican works with company owners to structure transactions that allow owners to not only realize value in their business today, but remain with the company and experience the professional and financial benefit of taking the business to the next level. We strive to create environments where founders are allowed to focus their time on those aspects of the business where they bring the most value and personal satisfaction, and we use the collective expertise of our investment professionals and operating partners to:

  • Intelligently deploy financial and operating tools to help monitor performance and sustain growth;
  • Recruit key personnel additions in all aspects of management;
  • Develop and execute growth strategies in new markets and new services, through organic growth and/or follow-on acquisitions, and;
  • Most importantly, provide company management with ready access to professionals and partners with deep, demonstrated knowledge and experience in dealing with virtually every imaginable business challenge encountered when growing in the energy services industry

Where We Can Help

Typically there is some type of catalyst event that creates an opportunity for us to invest and partner with management. These catalyst events include:

  • A company wishing to expand (additional capacity, new locations, new products/services) due to strong customer demand
  • A company that has experienced strong growth and whose owners are seeking additional support to manage a new set of challenges with a larger business
  • A company with an owner who wants to retire within 5 years and needs to start planning an exit but doesn’t want to sell the entire business and walk away
  • A company with multiple owners where some want to retire and cash out while others wish to remain and keep growing the company
  • A company with an opportunity to buy another business but lacking the financing to do so
  • Owners wanting to diversify some of their net worth outside of the company but still wanting to keep growing the business and enjoying the financial rewards of doing so