Mike Maddox

Mike Maddox

Operating Partner

Mike is currently the Chairman of Elite Production Services and M&M Pipeline Services, serves on the Board of Performance Wellhead & Frac Components, and is CEO and Founder of P360 Management Solutions (Phoenix DAS software).

Prior to these roles, Mike was the Founder and CEO of M&M Pipeline Services. Mike founded M&M in 2001 as an environmental remediation business serving the pipeline industry. After several years of growth and expansion, Mike recapitalized M&M with Sorenson Capital in 2010. When partnered with Sorensen and provided additional resources, Mike expanded the business into pipeline construction, extended its geographic reach and significantly grew its customer base. Mike and Sorenson exited the business in 2012 through a sale to a large pipeline consolidator.

Mike’s experience in the midstream industry began in 1994 with Sunland Construction, one of the larger pipeline contractors operating in the United States. From that experience, he co-founded Progressive Pipeline in 1999, where he was instrumental in building Progressive’s culture and core infrastructure. He exited Progressive in 2001 to start M&M. In addition to his successes at M&M, Mike founded and sold two businesses from 2003 through 2012. Mike founded Evergreen Ag Environmental & Turf in 2003. Mike also founded Downwash Aviation in 2010.

Mike’s hands-on approach and data-driven management philosophies provided the groundwork for his 2012 field-oriented software startup, Phoenix DAS. Phoenix is a uniquely positioned software designed from Mike’s field level perspective. The system offers sales, service delivery, operations, safety, personnel and accounting modules that are all interconnected to optimize oilfield services and equipment businesses. The software was launched in 2013 and currently has fully implemented systems in numerous customers across the oilfield.

Mike began his career in the United States Army with six years of active duty service in various roles including cannon crewman, cannon fire direction specialist, combat medic, supply and logistics, battlefield instructor and training roles.