When working with Pelican makes sense.

Typically, a catalyst event will create an opportunity for us to invest and partner with management. Such events include:

  • A company wishing to expand (adding capacity, new locations, new products/services) due to strong customer demand
  • A company that has experienced strong growth and whose owners are seeking additional support to manage the new set of challenges which accompany a larger business
  • A company with an owner looking to retire within 5 years and planning an exit but who doesn't want to sell the entire business and walk away
  • A company with multiple owners, some of whom want to cash out while others want to remain and keep growing the company
  • A company with an opportunity to buy another business but lacks sufficient financing
  • Owners wanting to diversify some of their net worth outside of the company while also continuing to grow but are still wanting to keep growing the business and enjoy the financial rewards of doing so

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