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We are different. We provide both capital and relevant, proven management guidance based on deep industry experience with companies similar to those in which we invest. Further, we create value by partnering with seasoned management teams to improve and grow outstanding businesses.

Our team has a balanced base of experience in all areas of executive management, including large and small companies, private equity, and investment banking. We are well equipped to provide the maximum benefit to portfolio companies in all stages of growth.

We identify strong companies.

Pelican seeks profitable, established businesses with EBITDA generally between $1 million and $15 million annually, while we have the ability to consummate transactions with EBITDA up to $30+ million. We work well with entrepreneurial management teams that demonstrate competitive advantages in a well-defined market segment. Finally, we partner with companies respected by their customers for having fair and honest business practices aligned with our own core values:

  • Safety: Lead by example
  • Integrity: Always take the high road
  • Excellence: Constantly learn, apply the lessons, and improve
  • Humility: We are not perfect, no one is
  • Fulfillment: Have fun. Enjoy what you do and make things better every day

An exceptional approach with exceptional results.

Pelican works with company owners to structure transactions that allow them to not only realize the current value of their business, but also to remain with the company and experience the professional and financial benefits of subsequent growth. Ultimately, we strive to create an environment where founders can bring value and derive personal satisfaction, using the collective expertise of our partners to complement.

Through numerous platform investments and add-on acquisitions, we have learned to intelligently deploy financial and operating tools to help improve and monitor performance while sustaining growth. From its wealth of contacts, our team can recruit key personnel in all aspects of management. Pelican conducts regular strategy sessions to help develop and execute strategies in new markets and new services, growing either organically or through acquisitions.

Most importantly, we provide company management with ready access to partners with deep, demonstrated knowledge and experience with virtually every imaginable business challenge encountered in the energy services industry.

Sophisticated, structured process combined with a flexible DNA.

By closely following a proven deal-review process, we ensure top investment decisions for our investors. While we cut no corners, we also understand the nuances of a deal demand creativity, flexibility, and speed. Our process allows us to distill what really matters in a diligence process, eliminating unnecessary effort on the sellers. With extensive industry market knowledge, we can expedite typical diligence discussions.

Professional organization, built for success.

Now in its third fund, Pelican has developed a sophisticated, repeatable process to deliver excellence for our investors and our portfolio companies. In alignment with our core values, we never take shortcuts and always strive for excellence.


Headquartered in Houston, the primary location for energy service businesses

Investment Process

Robust investment process that provides repeatability

Full Compliance Program

SEC-registered investment advisor with internal and third-party compliance program with financial audits, business audits, quarterly reporting and valuations

Proprietary Deals

Large network capabilities to source proprietary deals

ESG Program

Full ESG program with reporting capability in-house

Proven Team

Deep industry experienced deal team with in-house back office

An unwavering commitment to ESG

Our pledge to ESG is at the core of who we are. Energy has always been important to the global economy. While industry uncertainty seems to prevail during this time of transition, our commitment has always been to help our portfolio companies become safer, cleaner, and more efficient. In fact, we've been practicing the fundamental tenets of ESG long before ESG was a common term. This is why, years ago, we invested in a dedicated in-house Director of Health, Safety and Environment at the Pelican level to assist our companies in meeting these standards.

Safety first and always.

Safety is more than our top priority, it's our number one core value. It applies to our valued employees, our customers, our suppliers, and the communities where we operate. The operational and system-wide application of our commitment has helped our companies overcome the many challenges faced in the complex energy industry.

Longstanding environmental progress.

Through our companies and the services they provide, we help customers reduce their environmental impact. From the beginning, we've focused on making steady and tangible progress with initiatives that include the management of carbon emissions, water usage, cleanliness and overall efficiency improvements.

Value begins with good governance.

Maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism doesn't guarantee performance, but good performance is almost always the result of a company focused on a strong safety culture with high integrity. We work closely with our management teams to continually improve transparency, systems, and processes.


Collaborating with industry stakeholders to create solutions needed to prosper now and in the future.

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