Excel Services Corporation

Acquired: December 2023 | Current Investment | HQ: Rockville, MD

Excel Services Corporation (“Excel”), founded in 1985 and based in Rockville, Maryland, is an industry leader in providing innovative solutions to complex problems that enhance safety, security and efficiency in the nuclear industry. Excel offers several consulting and regulatory services including operations and maintenance cost reduction; workforce enhancement; new reactor development and technology recommendations; recertification; nuclear regulatory policy development; event analysis; critical infrastructure protection; Improved Technical Specifications conversions, upgrades, and training; license renewal and subsequent license renewal applications and implementation; 24-month fuel cycle extensions; extended power uprates; Owners Group support, and other areas. Excel has extensive experience working with regulatory bodies such as the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, STUK, and many others, as well as the International Atomic Energy Agency.

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Container Technologies Industries

Acquired: December 2023 | Current Investment | HQ: Helenwood, TN

Container Technologies Industries, LLC (“ CTI”) was founded in 1999 and is based in Helenwood, Tennessee. CTI manufactures containment solutions for low-level/mixed-level nuclear and hazardous waste produced in the nuclear industry. CTI is NQA-1 certified.

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Acquired: November 2023 | Current Investment | HQ: Westminster, CO

Advanced Technology Group (“ATG”) is based in Westminster, Colorado. ATG designs, engineers, and manufacturers containment products. These include gloveboxes, pharmaceutical isolators, vacuum chambers, and chemical containment products used in connection with the nuclear and radio-pharmaceutical industry. ATG is NQA-1 certified.

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Blue Wave AI Labs

Acquired: June 2023 | Current Investment | HQ: West Lafayette, Indiana

Blue Wave AI Labs (“Blue Wave”) was founded in 2016 and is based in West Lafayette, Indiana. Blue Wave is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business that develops and sells AI-based software to support the nuclear energy industry. Blue Wave’s software transforms reactor data into critical intelligence to recognize patterns, derive correlations, and assess complex situations to optimize processes and improve costs.

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Pelican Fund III

Iron Horse Tools

Acquired: February 2023 | Current Investment | HQ: Corpus Christi, TX

Iron Horse Tools (“IHT”) was founded in 2008 and is based in Corpus Christi, Texas. IHT is a leading provider of automated drilling chokes in the US, with a focus on proprietary solutions that improve efficiency and safety during managed pressure drilling (“MPD”) operations. IHT operates across all US shale plays.

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Piney Woods

Acquired: December 2021 | Current Investment | HQ: San Augustine, TX

Locally owned and operated in East Texas, Piney Woods Water Solutions (“Piney Woods”) is dedicated to the water and drilling mud disposal and transportation needs of oil & gas companies. Piney Woods has a dense network of water and drilling mud handling facilities in the Texas portion of the Haynesville natural gas play. The vertically integrated wells, pipelines, and trucks are used for the safe, clean, and efficient collection, transportation, and storage of water and drilling mud. Piney Woods is the parent company of Common Disposal.

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Shepherd Safety Systems

Acquired: November 2019 | Current Investment | HQ: Midland, TX

Shepherd Safety Systems is a leading manufacturer and provider of safety service systems and equipment for the oil and gas industry. The Company's patented H2S monitoring system is designed specifically for the rugged and remote nature experienced in the oil and gas industry. By facilitating real-time monitoring of drilling, completion, and production sites, our proprietary software, mobile app and automated notification system enables management, safety professionals and dispatchers to take proactive steps to prevent life threatening situations and respond quickly when they occur. The company currently has service locations in Midland, TX and Pleasanton, TX.

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SWM Technologies

Acquired: September 2019 | Current Investment | HQ: Pampa, TX

SWM Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of perforating tools and ancillary products used in plug and perf completion operations. SWM is headquartered in Pampa, TX.

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Axon Energy Services

Acquired: October 2018 | Current Investment | HQ: Houston, TX

Axon manufactures pressure control equipment, sold globally, for the onshore and offshore oil and gas markets. The company also provides aftermarket service, repair, and recertification from their locations in Louisiana and Texas and has authorized repair facilities in 14 countries. They manufacture 6A, 16A, 16C and 16D products under their API and ISO certifications. Axon aims to be the preferred BOP manufacturer and service provider by offering superior service and quality.

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AWC Frac Technology

Acquired: August 2018 | Current Investment | HQ: Conroe, TX

AWC Frac Technology designs, manufactures, and repairs high-quality API 6A frac valves, hydraulic accumulators, and ancillary products. The company headquartered in Conroe, TX, has service facilities in Odessa, TX, Morgantown, WV, and Wellington, CO. Founded in 2001, AWC builds upon its legacy and experience to deliver unmatched quality and customer service for new products and repairs. AWC delivers world-class quality repairs faster than the competition, making sure their customers always have the assets needed to get the job done.

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Acquired: April 2018 | Current Investment | HQ: Limerick, Maine

WedgeRock is a leading provider of engineered geared actuation products for torque and thrust applications. The WedgeRock team has been designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for critical service and severe environments from their Limerick, Maine facility since 2006.

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Pelican Fund II

Pride Energy Services

Acquired: February 2021 | Realized Investment | HQ: Midland, TX

Pride Energy Services is the largest provider of cable spooling in the country, providing ESP cable preparation and spooling services, capillary tubing spooling, cable management and work-over services, and ESP penetrator products to customers in the Permian, the Bakken, and Alaska.

Performance Multi-Flow Solutions

Acquired: June 2018 | Realized Investment | HQ: Midland, TX

Founded in 2018, Performance Multi-Flow Solutions is a leading provider of horizontal trailer mounted high pressure pumps primarily used for saltwater disposal wells in the Permian basin.

Gordon Technologies

Acquired: October 2017 | Current Investment | HQ: Scott, LA

Gordon Technologies was founded in 2014 and is an independent provider of Measurement-While-Drilling (“MWD") technology. Gordon's product offering, including its Heat Miser™ and Shock Miser™ tools, were designed to specifically address the most pressing needs in today's challenging drilling environments, namely MWD failures due to high shock and vibration, as well as high temperature environments. Gordon's products create a faster, more robust and more reliable MWD system and are achieving best in class performance, as evidenced by significant growth in Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Louisiana.

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Johnson Specialty Tools

Acquired: May 2017 | Current Investment | HQ: Midland, TX

Johnson Specialty Tools provides complete fluid management systems for drilling rigs including specialized pumps, mixing equipment, tanks, and other related equipment that contains, controls, and manages both oil and water based mud on drilling locations. The company is headquartered in Midland, TX.

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Q2 Artificial Lift Services

Acquired: February 2017 | Current Investment | HQ: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Q2 Artificial Lift Services manufactures high quality downhole rod pumps and components. Additionally, Q2 provides specialized aftermarket repair services from 38 service locations strategically located throughout the oil and gas producing areas of the U.S. and Canada.

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Acquired: January 2017 | Realized Investment | HQ: Houston, TX

Founded in 1978, GHT is a leader in the manufacturing and repair of radiators, oil coolers, gas coolers and industrial cooling systems used in the oil and gas, mining and power generation markets. GHT's flagship product, the Jumbotron, is a patent-pending, high-performance radiator engineered specifically for the demands of today's pressure pumping equipment. GHT is headquartered in Houston, TX and has an additional facility in Edmonton, AB.

Vault Pressure Control

Acquired: December 2016 | Current Investment | HQ: Houston, TX

Vault Pressure Control is a leader in wellhead product sales and service as well as rental of frac trees, valves, and zipper manifolds. The company is focused on providing outstanding customer service and world-class products to pressure control customers in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Trinidad & Tobago markets. Vault is the combination of several market leaders in the pressure control space including Vetco Grey, Wood Group, Performance Wellhead and Frac, and Slingshot Supply; delivering a legacy of over 100 years of experience and cutting edge technology.

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Epic International

Acquired: July 2016 | Realized Investment | HQ: Houston, TX

Founded in 2015, Epic International is a leading aftermarket repair, field service and parts supplier to the reciprocating and centrifugal compression market with facilities in Mayfield, KY and Houston, TX.

Pelican Fund I

M&M Pipeline Services

Acquired: December 2016 | Realized Investment | HQ: Europa, MS

M&M Pipeline Services is a leading ROW Services company oriented to the specialized requirements of the oil and gas industry, including FERC regulated Projects.

Starting as a ROW Restoration company in 2001 with two tractors and two trucks, M&M now offers multiple services on and off the right of way. Leveraging over 120 years of combined management experience throughout the U.S., M&M Pipelines has successfully expanded into Road Boring, ROW/Security Fencing, Levee Construction and Restoration, Pipeline Integrity and Slope Failure Remediation.

On Projects large and small, M&M provides crews that are safe, productive and pipeline oriented. M&M is a member of and an approved contractor by ISNetworld, Veriforce, NCMS & NCEER.

P360 Management Solutions

Acquired: July 2015 | Realized Investment | HQ: Houston, TX

P360 Management Solutions was founded in 2013. Their flagship service, the Phoenix DAS™ business process optimization platform, streamlines operations for oilfield services companies and enables informed business decisions from the field operator to executive level, with a focus on providing a clearer understanding of how the business is performing from the convenience of a mobile device. It can replace all paper forms, whiteboards, off-line spreadsheets and other disparate systems with a single solution.

Phoenix DAS has operations, software development, sales and management teams strategically located throughout North America. The software platform is the only solution that offers oilfield services company users the ability to completely manage their operations and bring real-time insight and intelligence into the business.

Multilift Wellbore Technology

Acquired: April 2015 | Realized Investment | HQ: Houston, TX

Multilift Wellbore Technology, founded in 2013, designs and assembles high quality sand protection and completion tools that protect and increase the run-time and reliability of electric submersible pumps and other artificial lifts systems. Multilift's flagship product, SandGuard, is patent-pending and catches sand that would otherwise settle on the ESP at pump shut-off and lifts it out of the well upon restart.


Acquired: November 2014 | Realized Investment | HQ: Houston, TX

Veretek, formerly known as Elite Multiphase Solutions, manufactures and sells high viscosity pumps for oil and gas production applications. Veretek's high viscosity pumps are designed to replace electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) as the preferred application by oil and gas operators. ESPs struggle in wells with high gas to oil ratios, high sand content and/or heavy oil applications resulting in poor lift, pump failure and well down time. Veretek's pump has a wider operating range, is extremely solids tolerant and can be used through multiple production phases.

Flowco Production Solutions

Acquired: July 2013 | Realized Investment | HQ: Houston, TX

Flowco Production Solutions is a leading provider of plunger lift and gas lift equipment to the oil and gas industry. With field locations in major producing regions throughout North America, Flowco installs its products on site and provides follow-up service and maintenance. The company has continued to focus on product innovation as well as excellence in its manufacturing operation, which is located at its state-of-the-art facility in Houston, TX.

Rapid Rod Service

Acquired: June 2013 | Realized Investment | HQ: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Rapid Rod Service is a leading provider of specialty well servicing rigs that perform maintenance and repairs on wells with conventional or continuous sucker rod and other types of artificial lift. Rapid Rod has expertise in pump changes, broken rod maintenance, pulls and flushes, polish rod changes, packing or stuffing box changes, drive head maintenance and fishing services. Rapid Rod is also a provider of coiled rod services, including the installation and welding of continuous sucker rod.


Acquired: November 2012 | Realized Investment | HQ: Houston, TX

EnerCorp offers innovative technologies produced in North America that deliver engineered solutions throughout the life cycle of a well. EnerCorp's core service domains include Well Flow Management solutions for every stage of a well's life as well as Wellbore Construction services for surface intervals and water wells. The company has differentiated and proprietary surface sand management technologies that are utilized as part of their service offerings and can be custom manufactured for purchase with EnerCorp's in-house fabrication business. EnerCorp is headquartered in Houston, Texas and internationally in Calgary, Alberta with locations and operations in all major shale basins across North America.

Downhole Technology

Acquired: October 2012 | Realized Investment | HQ: Houston, TX

Downhole Technology LLC designs and manufactures a proprietary line of composite frac plugs. Downhole's plugs have unique, patented features that allow for faster pump downs with less fluid, greater reliability in accurate sets in difficult wellbore environments, and faster drillouts with greater returns to the surface. The products are ideally suited to the rapidly growing, multi-stage horizontal wells prevalent in the burgeoning shale plays of North America and beyond.

Capline Environmental Services

Acquired: August 2012 | Realized Investment | HQ: Houston, TX

Capline Environment Services LLC holds interests in over 40 salt water disposal wells, fresh water and brine stations across South Texas, West Texas and New Mexico. Capline continues to evaluate further investment and development opportunities for these types of assets in all major North American basins.

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