Houston, TX - November 1, 2019 - Pelican Energy Partners, a private equity firm focused on the oilfield services and equipment sector, is pleased to announce the strategic acquisition of Safety Automation Technology, LLC ("SAT") and Shepherd Safety Systems, LLC ("Shepherd").

SAT, based in Midland, TX, is a leading safety service provider in West Texas and South Texas, and is the exclusive provider of the patented Shepherd System. The Shepherd System allows SAT to provide real-time monitoring, preemptive worker dispatch, and a reduction in false alarms, significantly reducing down-time, increasing worker safety, and driving tangible value for the operator.

Shepherd, based in Midland, TX, manufactures patented H2S monitoring systems, designed specifically for the rugged and remote nature of the oil and gas industry. The Shepherd System provides real-time monitoring of drilling, completion, and production sites. Real-time data feeds to proprietary mobile and desktop software applications, creating confidence that all employees are out of harm's way.

For more information about Shepherd please visit https://shepherdsafetysystem.c.... For more information about SAT please visit https://sat1.us.com/.

Pelican Energy Partners

Founded in 2011, Pelican Energy Partners ("Pelican") is a Houston-based private equity fund specializing in strategic investments in small to middle-market, high-growth potential energy service and equipment companies with sustained earnings outlooks. The firm has raised $563 million of committed capital and is investing out of its third fund. For more information about Pelican Energy Partners, please visit www.pelicanenergypartners.com.

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