SCOTT, LA – October 24, 2022 - Gordon Technologies LLC (“Gordon”) is pleased to announce it has deployed its 150th patented, high performance Measurement-While-Drilling (“MWD”) system in the United States. Gordon introduced the GT-MWD standard temperature system in 2017 and its first GT-Heat-Miser™ high temperature MWD system, which is now capable of operating at temperatures up to 190°C, in 2018. Since October 2018, Gordon has tripled the size of its MWD rental fleet.

Gordon was founded in 2014 by CEO Terry Frith, a veteran of the MWD sector with almost forty years of experience at the forefront of MWD technology, with the vision to create a faster, more robust and more reliable MWD system than anything available on the market. Mr. Frith said, “2022 has been a record setting year for Gordon. Our fleet’s exemplary performance in high temperature and high shock environments as well as with rotary steerable systems allows operators to drill better wells with less drilling days at a lower total cost of operations. Gordon’s relentless customer focus and commitment to investing in new technology is continuing to drive the company’s growth in the United States, specifically the Haynesville, Eagle Ford and Permian Basins. Since the beginning of 2021, Gordon has continued to introduce new complementary technologies, including the GT-Tracker real-time RSS communication technology, the GT-AGR azimuthal gamma and the GT-PWD (Pressure While Drilling).

Gordon Technologies

Headquartered in Scott, LA with additional facilities in Midland, TX, Minot, ND, Yukon, OK and Rapid City, SD, Gordon is a leading independent provider of MWD technology to the directional drilling sector of the US oil and gas industry. The GT-MWD standard temperature system and GT-Heat Miser™ high temperature MWD system, including the patented GT-Shock Miser™ shock and vibration mitigation technology and patented GT-Pulser, were specifically designed to address the most pressing needs in today’s challenging drilling environments, namely MWD failures due to high shock and vibration and high temperature environments. The company’s proprietary technology creates a faster, more robust and more reliable MWD system that is achieving best-in-class performance and reliability, as evidenced by the company’s significant growth in the US unconventional market.

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